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Anthropologie teams up with Knackregistry

During the past couple years social commerce has become mainstream.  New companies have emerged like Pinterest, TheFancy and FAB who have made application that are social by design and changed the way we shop.

What is so special about these services is they allow us to discover new products/things efficiently and give the average user a voice.  Instead of simply consuming content we can now create it and easily share it.

One place in e-commerce where we haven’t seen this shift of power to the consumer happen is wedding registries.  With wedding registries brides are encouraged to register at a store like Bed Bath & Beyond, Macys, Williams-sonomas or Target where they are limited to what is in stock at national retailers.  Our goal at Knack from the start was to make the registry process more fun, and we believed the key was building technology that allowed people to add gifts from anywhere. 

Today we are happy to announce a partnership with Anthropologie.  The Anthropologie team partnered with Knack because they wanted to help build a better registry experience for engaged couples.  Joanna from Anthropologie said “We saw a unique opportunity to help give couples a louder voice related to what they wanted. Our taste maker’s selections will give these couples a jumping off point, but the couple ultimately get to decide what products they want.” 

Anthropologie and Knack are teaming up to create a more personal and rewarding registry experience. Couples using Knack can choose gifts from the Knack catalog, which includes products from boutiques, artisans and artists; add gifts from their favorite retailers like Anthropologie, and even create cash listings for experiences like honeymoon activities. With all of these options couples can be sure they get the gifts they want and gift givers can be sure that every gift will become a cherished part of the couple’s new life together. 

Check out the Anthro Page on Knack