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Meet The New Knack

Today we are happy to announce a major update to Knack.  Getting what you want has never been easier.  Here is how we are making the registry experience better for you:

Add gifts from anywhere

Knack has always allowed you to register for gifts from all your favorite websites. Adding a gift from another site is still as easy as finding the gift you want, and clicking the “add to list” button in your bookmark bar. Now, when a guest wants to purchase one of these gifts, we’ll take them to the site the gift came from, and walk them through purchasing the gift.  Now registering is more like regular shopping, where you can get the gifts from the stores that fit your style and taste. 

Collaborate with friends

To make registering more fun we’ve deepened our integrations with Facebook so you can connect with your friends.  You can invite friends to help you build your registry or view friend’s registries and add item from their registry to yours.

A website redesign to wow you and your guests

Our homepage has been redesigned and you’ll love our new video.  We also have a new tour and have implemented a number of other smaller changes to insure you know exactly how Knack works.   Your guests will be really impressed when you share your registry, and even your grandmother will be thankful she doesn’t have to go to same old big box stores she has been going to for the last forty years to buy gifts.

When you register for the gifts that are most meaningful to you, you are no longer just participating in the registry process you are redefining it.  With Knack you choose how to build your perfect registry.  A special thanks to our customers for sharing their thoughts, ideas and feedback over the past couples months.  They have helped us build a more flexible, open and fun registry experience.  

Knack’s new release is live, and we can’t wait to see what you build.